Frequently Ask Questions

• QUESTION:  What is the Itinerary?
ANSWER: You make your own arrangements. Simply, tell us your pick up location, where you would like to go during the rental time and your drop off location for us to create your itinerary.

• QUESTION:  How much is your rental?
ANSWER:  Cost is a combination of pick up & drop off locations, itinerary during the rental, day of the week and bus size. Please call for a quote.

• QUESTION:  What is your Round Trip Service?
ANSWER:  Pick up at one location to be dropped off at one or more locations and returned back to your original pick up location.

• QUESTION:  What does the Deposit cover?
ANSWER:  The Deposit reserves the party bus of your choice for your requested date and is subtracted from your total balance.  Your remaining balance is then due in cash upon arrival or by credit card.  If the method of payment for the remaining balance is by credit card, the entire balance must be paid within 24 hours prior to the rental date.

• QUESTION:  What is the cancellation process?
ANSWER:  Cancellations must be made within 10 business days prior to the day of rental to receive a gift certificate that may be used towards a future rental.  Deposits are non refundable. There may circumstantial situations that may warrant deposits to be refunded for cancellations on our behalf, e.g.: weather related. Any changes to the reservation may result in additional fees.

• QUESTION:  Is gratuity included?
ANSWER: Yes, all rental prices include a 20% gratuity charge, except in the case a representative specifically quotes a rental price excluding gratuity. Tips can be given to the driver.

• QUESTION:  When does the hourly rate begin?
ANSWER:  The hourly rate begins upon arrival of the bus at the first pick up location. It does not start after the departure from the first pick up location.

• QUESTION:  Is there a minimum rental time for the party bus?
ANSWER:  We have a 3-hour minimum rental time for Sunday through Thursday and a 4-hour minimum rental time for Friday or Saturday. Please call for details on exceptions that may apply, as we always try to accommodate all of our customer's requests as much as possible.
• QUESTION:  What are the rates during the Holidays?
ANSWER:  We have specials for most holidays.  Please contact us for holiday rates, packages or specials.

• QUESTION:  What if the bus is late?
ANSWER:  We have a 30-minute grace period. Although, we always make every effort to be on time, circumstances may transpire beyond our control (construction detours, traffic, weather, etc.) that may cause the bus to be late.  In the event the bus is late, your rental time will be extended for compensation.

• QUESTION:  Where can I take the bus?
ANSWER:  The bus may go to most cities, suburbs or towns in Washington State.  Additional distance surcharges may apply for distances beyond 20 miles of the greater Seattle area.  We do offer transportation to Canada and Portland, is required to be arranged 10 days in advance prior to the departure date.

• QUESTION:  Can the bus just take us cruising during the rental or do we have to get on and off the bus?
ANSWER:  Yes, the bus can take you cruising only. You decide how you would like to use the bus during the rental.   Reminder, additional surcharges may apply for distances beyond 20 miles of the greater Seattle area.

• QUESTION:  Can we bring our own alcohol?
ANSWER:  Yes, you can bring your own alcohol and we do NOT provide alcohol of any kind.  Please be advised all patrons must be 21 or older to have alcohol on the bus.

• QUESTION:  Does everyone have to be 21?
ANSWER:  If there is alcohol on the bus, everyone must be 21.  You will be required to show ID to the driver.

• QUESTION:  What if people under 21 are found to be drinking on the bus?
ANSWER:  The ride will be immediately terminated and no refund will be issued.

• QUESTION:  Can we smoke?

• QUESTION:  Who is responsible for damage to the bus?
ANSWER:  The person who rents the bus is responsible for any cost to repair damages.  Please see the contract rules.

• QUESTION:  Can we request decorations, club access, food or exotic entertainment?
ANSWER:  Yes, these requests must be made in advance to check if services are available and additional costs may apply.

• QUESTION:  Is music provided?
ANSWER:  No, but there is a surround sound CD & DVD system with an iPod connection, which is provided for you to listen t your own taste of music with.  Please bring along your CD's and iPod!


If you have a question that was not answered above, please e-mail us at or call 425 610 9757